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Apple  invests $1 billion in China company

Apple with cash reserves over $200 billion has decided to drop some lunch money into Didi which is essentially the  Chinese version of Uber. Many were surprised at the move but as Apple tries to butter up the Chinese government it's a small price to pay for favor.


WhatsApp releases desktop version for Mac & Windows

To download a copy visit WhatsApp.com/download


Amazon Echo can track your packages and so much more





Apple buys BookLamp but could get so much more

Apple has purchased start-up company BookLamp which delivers personal book recommendations apparently as a way to get at Amazon. However what Apple should be buying is Barnes & Noble (B&N). The combination of B&N stores with Appple products would be a win-win for both companies. There are too many markets that do not have the benefit of an Apple store. Pulling together the existing stores with current and new Apple products could increase sales dramatically. Then the final piece to the puzzle for either Apple or Amazon would be the purchase of Ebay. To compete with the likes of Alibaba, tech companies have to think like Amazon and expand well beyond their current offerings.


Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon introduces the Fire Phone. A nice size screen and cameras all over the phone although no 3D high impact feature that many were hoping for, but a good start for the future in our opinion. The Fire phone aka the "Shopping Phone" or "Shop Amazon Phone" as we like to call it does have some good features. We don't intend on rushing out to buy one but do anticipate we will buy one in the future. We anticipate very good, no make that great things to come from this phone in the future versions.


Amazon Fire Phone aka the Shopping Phone

$199 for 32GB, $299 for 64GB plus one year Amazon Prime for FREE

Exclusively at AAT&T

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